MA Neighbor Property Line Disputes

In Real Estate by Tramontozzi Law

Disputes between neighbors can be extremely stressful. There’s nothing like going to war with someone who lives right next door and who you may see every single day. Your home should be a peaceful and happy place, so it is important to avoid disputes whenever possible. Here are a few ways that you can avoid MA neighbor property line disputes.

Know Your Property Boundaries

Most property line disputes result from honest mistakes. Don’t make any assumptions regarding where your property may end and your neighbor’s may begin. Always check with the city/town office for a detailed plot plan and description. Have your property surveyed before adding/installing anything right along the property line.

Leave a Buffer

When installing things like fences, it is important not to place it right “on” the property line. Doing so would result in half of your fence being on your neighbor’s property! Always leave a buffer and ensure that your entire fence is located on your property.

Communicate with Your Neighbors

In some cases, you may not need permission from your neighbor to make a change, but that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t communicate with them before doing so. For example, when a tree or bush in your neighbor’s yard extends onto your property, you normally have the right to trim any sections that are actually on your property. Rather than simply doing so, have a conversation with your neighbor about your plans. This will reduce the chances that he/she will become upset over your actions.

Keep in mind that some things cannot be corrected. For example, if half of the tree’s trunk is on your property, you can’t actually remove that without killing the tree. If it’s just upper branches, cutting them may not kill the tree but may end up looking awful. Again, maintaining good relations with your neighbors will help you come to a solution that everyone involved can agree on.

Other Tips on MA Neighbor Property Line Disputes

Most people get upset because they weren’t asked permission about something that impacts them or feel that they were disrespected. Communicating with your neighbors and considering their perspective can go a long way in avoiding MA neighbor property line disputes. This can minimize headaches and avoid expensive legal battles.