Catastrophic Accidents: Fire, Electrocution and Explosions

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Catastrophic accidents can occur in almost any circumstance, but the consequence can be life changing. While you or a loved one may recover, many people who experience a catastrophic injury suffer from long-term or permanent disabilities and require physical therapy for the rest of their lives.
Examples of common catastrophic accidents include:

  • apartment fires caused by an electric heater
  • explosion related to a malfunction at truck filling station
  • smoke detector failures, office building fires
  • electrocutions caused by faulty residential or commercial wiring
  • injuries to utility workers

Resulting injuries can include paralysis, burns, amputations, wrongful death, traumatic brain injuries, spinal cord injuries, and much more.

If you, a family member or acquaintance have been injured or lost his/her life due to these types of catastrophic accidents, it’s important to speak with a qualified attorney as soon as possible to discuss your options and rights. John Tramontozzi at the Tramontozzi Law Offices has significant experience assisting clients who are victims of catastrophic accidents. He will work closely with you on your case and help you regain compensation for your medical bills and future care.

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