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All over Massachusetts the streets are getting busier and more congested. Drivers distracted by cellphones make these busy and congested streets more dangerous than ever. Unfortunately many of accidents are caused by distracted drivers.

Pedestrian accidents are serious and can often cause severe injuries, including traumatic brain injury and broken bones It is the responsibility on the part of a driver to exercise care and due caution when operating a vehicle around crosswalks or other places pedestrians (and bicyclists) are likely to visit (parking lots, jogging trails, etc.) When a driver fails to adhere to pedestrian right-of-way laws, and a pedestrian is injured as a result, a driver can be held liable for damages and injuries. That is why it is important to seek the legal counsel of a skilled attorney following a pedestrian accident.

Often after an accident of this nature all parties at the scene are focused on the condition of victims. But occasionally,once the crisis has passed, peoples’ “stories change”. . The contrite driver starts to think about how the collision happened, and a possible latent injury. He starts worrying about his insurance rates. His version of events changes over night. It wasn’t his fault — so why should he be the one who must pay.

Below is a list of do’s and don’ts if you or a loved one are injured in a pedestrian accident.

  1. DO call the police and support personnel. It is wise to have a medical exam. There are many instances when the pedestrian feels “OK” immediately after the crash, only to have pain show up a few days later. So instead of emphasizing that you are all right be sure that you have been assessed just in case your symptoms surface after the adrenaline dies down
  2. DON’T volunteer that you are “OK.” Ever. If you feel you have to say something at the scene, be vague about your sensations, and be clear that you need to go to a doctor for a medical evaluation. 
  3. DO get the driver’s insurance, license, and contact information.
  4. If possible take pictures. Or have someone else do so. Take pictures of the car, license plate, driver’s license, vehicle, collision scene, your bike (you were riding on when the accident occurred), and damage to the vehicle.
  5. DO get witness information. Ask any witnesses for their names and phone numbers in case you need somebody to say what they saw.
  6. DO go to a doctor afterward to confirm your soundness. If the doctor feels you are sound, that’s great. But if you don’t go to a doctor, and then injuries begin to show up afterward, it will be much more difficult to demonstrate to the insurance company that you’re not faking it and that their driver injured you.
  7. Contact an experienced Massachusetts Personal Injury Attorney

John Tramontozzi at Tramontozzi Law is a former insurance defense counsel who has extensive knowledge from working on the other side of the issue as well as years in private practice. In addition his extensive courtroom experience as a former assistant DA assures you that that he will be as at ease in the courtroom as he is in his office! This experience saves everyone worry, time and minimizes unnecessary expenses.

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