Medical Misdiagnosis

In Medical Malpractice, Wrongful Death by John Tramontozzi

101514753-1024x682Medical misdiagnosis, wrong diagnosis, or failure to diagnose happens far more frequently than most people think. Fortunately most illnesses, diseases and conditions can be treated and corrected even with a late diagnosis and there are no real consequences. However, sometimes a medical condition becomes irrevocably worsened, causing serious illness or death. The misdiagnosis may have caused too much time to go by and the condition or disease is no longer treatable. This is also a consequence when the misdiagnosis causes the wrong prescription to be given which harms the patient. There are many reasons for misdiagnosis: rushed doctors or unqualified doctors, failure on the part of the doctor to completely research the condition, inaccuracy in reading an x-ray, mammography, biopsy or ultrasound. Misreading of urine, blood or Pap smear test, misdiagnosis of x-rays, MRIs or other images.

Frequently misdiagnosed conditions and illnesses are cancers (prostrate, breast cancer, lung and ovarian cancer), appendicitis, strokes and tuberculosis, meningitis and diabetes. If caught in a timely manner the harm can be undone and proper treatment follows. Nothing can be more devastating than to learn that one’s doctor has missed a serious or life-threatening medical condition. Finding that one has a medical illness that could have been treated or cured in a timely manner but now could lead to seriously compromised life quality or death is devastating to the patient and their loved ones. No matter what the reason for the misdiagnosis or the failure to properly diagnose, the physician and or the hospital are liable if the diagnostic failure is a departure from the ordinary standard of care for doctors.

John Tramontozzi at Tramontozzi Law Offices has handled numerous cases of malpractice recovering compensation of over $1 million in judgement dollars for medical malpractice. He understands and has worked with grieving families who are struggling with the impact of substandard care. If you or loved one has been injured or killed by a failure to diagnose or misdiagnose an illness or medical condition contact Tramontozzi Law Offices. John Tramontozzi and his team can assist and inform you of your legal rights and maximize your compensation.