Personal Injury Liability, Summer Travel : Who is Responsible

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Summer can be one of the best times of the year to travel. There are many more opportunities to take a trip when the kids are out of school and the weather is warm. While you expect to have the best time on your trip, accidents can happen unexpectedly. You want to be sure you are protected in the case of personal injury liability.

Personal liability insurance covers you for legal expenses and claims for compensation should you accidentally injure others or damage their property. This policy can be added to your auto, home or boat insurance policy. Your policy can be tailored to cover the liability of both you and your family members.

The piece of mind it offers is truly priceless. It is already a precarious situation to get in an accident outside of your home state or country. Being responsible for someone else’s medical costs simply adds an unforeseen expense to your travels. Under your basic homeowners’ insurance or renters insurance policy, personal liability coverage may protect you under the following circumstances, up to your policy limits:

– Lawsuits you may face if an accident occurs.

– Bodily injury to an individual.

– Property damage that occurs as a result of your negligence.

Note that in aviation travel, cruise travel, and tour bus travel, these entities are held to high standards of care and are legally classified as “common carriers” . Common carriers provide transportation services to the general public. Usually when one of these modes of transportation crash they are serious events. These are complex cases. It is extremely beneficial to work with your attorney to determine what your options are.

What to do if you’ve been injured abroad:

– Report the accident and any injuries suffered to the hotel where you are staying or the tour operator you traveled with immediately after the accident.

– Make sure you and the injured party receive any necessary medical care.

– Request a written accident report including details of your injuries. If possible have photographs taken of your injuries following treatment.

– Get statements from witnesses. Be sure to get their contact details so they can be contacted in the future.

– Don’t accept any financial offers of compensation until you have received expert legal advice.

– Different countries have different processes for dealing with personal injury claims. Each has different limitation periods for making a claim. Make sure you understand what the laws and standard processes are for the countries you are visiting. 

What isn’t covered by personal liability insurance?

While your standard home or renters insurance will cover certain personal liability claims, there are other claims that may not be covered, such as:

– Liability resulting from an automobile accident (this will typically be covered by your auto insurance).

– Bodily injury or property damage caused intentionally by you or a family member in your home.

– Injuries or damages sustained by you or family members in your home.

– Business activities or claims related to your profession.

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