28 Years Ago

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I was recently asked to pull from Court archives,  remarks made from the bench 28 years ago, in my final days as an Assistant District Attorney for Suffolk County. The words were directed to a young DA starting a new chapter in his professional life.  I continue to feel humbled by these words spoken by the Honorable Judge Robert Stanziani, who passed away in 2012. As a true mentor and role model, his recognition and confidence in me continue to encourage me in my work with the law.  As he notes, it is highly unusual to receive commendation from the bench.

Judge Stanziani was a dynamic and powerful personality, rated one of the 10 best trial lawyers in Massachusetts, as well as a highly respected member of the judicial branch . His words left an impression on me, even to this day. It is with great pleasure that I share those remarks with you now.


Ladies and gentlemen I ask for absolute silence.

At this time I’d like to say a pleasant few words that I have the privilege of spreading on the record of this court. A young man is about to depart from this court and enter the private practice of the law. John Tramontozzi is our Assistant District Attorney and has been for some period of time in the division of Chelsea Trial Court. He has exemplified himself in the finest professional manner, not only to the members of the bar, but to the  judiciary as well. 

John, as we may call him our friend, has been with us for some period of time. He is dedicated to his profession and loyal to his boss. He performed his job as a public servant and District Attorney protecting people’s rights, their properties and affairs. He has an appetite for knowledge that he takes with him every day in this court and the presentation of all cases. He has done his job with great heart and passion and in an experienced manner. When he could bend in the interest of justice, he would do so. When he saw that justice had to be done for a cruel and vicious criminal act, he was firm, but fair and many lawyers can attest to that fact.

So it gives me great pleasure to say this publicly and openly – many lawyers have never received such congratulatory remarks from a judicial member of the branch-but I find pleasure and comfort in so doing.

So let it be said, on these records, and to be recorded, that John Tramontozzi has done his job well, professionally, and in the highest tradition of the law. He is indeed a law man, protecting your rights, our rights, our properties, and our loved ones.

And to John, we wish him well as he leaves our court at the day’s end. We wish him well with his new endeavor, which will be difficult and is a dramatic change.

It is a pleasure I have you here John, because you have conducted yourself so well and so professionally.  To put those who had to go away where they belong, and gave compassion when and where it was needed. So may the good Lord continue to give you nourishment to sustain your profession and your long life .

Let these remarks be recorded and stay archived in the court. Congratulations, John Tramontozzi.