Speeding and Moving Violations in Massachusetts

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 As congestion and traffic conditions worsen drivers become more harassed and likely to err. Most often these errors act as a wake up call and drivers self-correct. However at other times the law enforcement on our roads and streets offer incentive to slow down and be more attentive.
Hidden Costs
Your signature on the back of speeding ticket can sum to far greater than the cost of the moving violation . The guilty plea and fine are only the beginning of a costly experience. If you choose to accept the fine and repercussions you have 20 days to pay it.
If the ticket was for a “moving violation” such as speeding, failure to obey a traffic signal or sign, failing to maintain lane, etc., the guilty plea is reported to the Massachusetts Department of Motor Vehicles where it becomes part of a driver’s record. Each violation has a statutorily prescribed “point” value that stays on a driver’s record for six years.
If you choose to dispute a ticket, you can request a civil hearing with a Massachusetts court magistrate, which involves a $25 filing fee. At a hearing, a representative of the police department will read a report from the officer who cited you. Then you may explain why you believe you should not be ticketed, submitting any evidence or witness collaboration you have at your disposal.
Impact of a Ticket on your Record
If you have three or more violations within the last two years your are likely to have your license suspended. At such a hearing you may can dispute the the DMV’s records but, unless some problem in record keeping has occurred the typical result is that driving privileges will be suspended for anywhere from 31 days to one year. Offering that you were “keeping up with traffic” does not work as a good excuse in court if you try to appeal a ticket, Also, if you are convicted of 3 separate violations that occurred within one year your license m be suspended for 30 days and/or complete an eight hour fee based “Driver Retraining Program”
The DMV record is also checked by automobile insurance companies every time auto insurance comes up for renewal or a new application for insurance is made. A moving violation on a driver’s record often guarantees an increase in insurance rates. Depending upon how many points have accumulated in a six year period, the increase in rates can be significant potentially twice the previous rate. To see a complete chart of how many points each type of violation incurs, and the impact on points accumulated follow this link. https://www.mass.gov/info-details/safe-driver-insurance-plan-sdip-and-your-auto-insurance-policy
If you cannot find an insurance company willing to write you a policy, you will be assigned to an insurer through the MAIP these are Insurance rates in the assigned risk pool are very high.
When you should consider Consulting a Lawyer
-Drivers facing serious moving violations find that obtaining legal representation is essential to protecting their rights and fully understanding their options. An attorney will be able to negotiate a reduced charge, working eliminate the charges that have “points” associated with them. Sometimes the ticket itself may be flawed and an attorney can get the charges dismissed based up a flawed complaint by the officer that issued the ticket. An Understanding of the court system helpful to clients in this situation.
-Also, if you don’t live near the court that the ticket specifies you can have an attorney make an appearance for you, so that you don’t have to attend the court proceedings at all.
Tramontozzi Law
At Tramontozzi Law you are assured that you will have the opportunity to speak with an attorney and gain realistic assessment of what can be accomplished based on the specifics of your case ; your driving record the circumstances surrounding your ticket and your unique situation. We will provide a documented paper trail for all critical communications with the court If necessary. On your behalf we will file whatever motions we think may be needed to achieve the best possible result. . Your fees will be stated up front with additional costs incurred only of it is necessary to go to trial.
If you have any questions about your ticket or violation or another legal matter. Do not hesitate to call John Tramontozzi at Tramontozzi Law or with Neil Anderson Esq. 781-665-0099.