What To Do if You’re in a MBTA Bus Accident

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The state of Massachusetts offers some wonderful transportation options including buses, trains and ferries. Using public transportation is fairly safe, however, just like driving in your own car, accidents do happen. The likelihood of being in an accident is higher on buses, simply because of the fact that they must navigate through the same dangers as any other vehicle on the road. If you ride buses on a regular basis (or even at all), you should be aware of what to do if you are involved in a Massachusetts bus accident.

MA bus accidents may be caused by a number of factors. Among them are:

  • Driver error (poor decision-making, distracted driving, driving while impaired, etc.)
  • Equipment Failure or Improper Maintenance
  • Collisions with Other Vehicles
  • Weather Conditions

*Driver error or equipment issues are among the most common causes of accidents.

Bus companies have certain responsibilities when it comes to the safety of all passengers. First and foremost, the MBTA is responsible for routine maintenance and repair of vehicles. They are also responsible for ensuring competent and capable drivers. This may involve significant driver training and establishing proper procedures to guarantee that drivers are not impaired. Failure to maintain or execute necessary safety procedures can result in negligence.

Depending on the circumstances, other parties involved in MA bus accidents may be held liable. This includes bus and equipment manufacturers or other vehicles. In Massachusetts, all motor vehicles are required to have insurance that covers personal injuries resulting from an accident.

MA Bus Accident Injuries
Bus accidents can result in any number of personal and/or psychological injuries and can range from minor to severe. If you or a family member is involved in an accident, it is important to have the help of an experienced bus accident attorney.

Experienced MA Bus Accident Attorneys
John Tramontozzi can provide you with a free consultation to discuss your case. He will communicate with all parties including insurance companies, bus companies and other attorneys, and will file any necessary paperwork on your behalf. Should your case require filing a lawsuit, he will guide and represent you through the process. By having John assist you with legal matters, you can focus on your recovery.

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